Something to Think About ~ Things Excellent and Worthy of Praise

Great “heavenly rain drops” from a sister in Christ. Enjoy.

Heavenly Raindrops

If ever there were a picture of something excellent and praiseworthy, it is majestic mountains.  There is nothing much more beautiful than snow-covered hills against a brilliant blue sky.  In Colorado, where I lived for several years, scenes like the one above were commonplace.  God’s glory was daily on display.  It wasn’t hard to find excellence.

Although I understand the principle of keeping my mind fixed on things praiseworthy and excellent, I struggle by straying into:






and the list goes on. 

Do any of you struggle, too?

God offers a better way, though.  What He proposes is not positive thinking, but instead excellent thinking.  When we focus on the glorious aspects about God and His creation, then add to that all the many blessings and promises He bestows, our minds need not fixate earthbound.  As the mountains tower above the valleys below, we can…

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