Do You Need To “Retire”?

I think the greatest joy when I retired was the realization on that first Sunday afterward that, for the first time in a very long time, “I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!!!”  I cannot tell you how happy that made me!  I had worked pretty much steadily since I was 19, but “I don’t have to go to work tomorrow!!!”  Sunday had always been kind of a downer for me, even though I went to church and was active in it, because there was always the thought in the background that I had to go to work tomorrow.

Though you’re probably not interested, I could give you my complete work history going back to 1961.  And time has passed since that joyous Sunday.  The thought of no work on Monday has diminished.  And I’m working part time now.  So I’m not as “foot-loose and fancy-free” (whatever that means) as I was on that weekend.

What’s my point?

Spiritually speaking, I wonder if some who read this post might not need to “retire.”  There’s a HUGE amount of thought in “Christendom” that one must “earn” salvation, or at least contribute something to its obtaining.  In effect, we’re asked to midwife at our own spiritual birth.  There’s a long list of things one “must” do in this regard.

We must belong to a certain church.  Pope Francis recently reasserted the dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church, even for “Christians” who belong to other churches.  But believers belong to Christ; we are Christians, not “Churchians”.  There is no salvation in ANY “church”.  Babies don’t go to the nursery to be born, but because they have been born.  So it is with “church”.

Then there’s baptism, communion, “confession,” works, lists of “do” and “don’t”.  On and on.

If you have such a “list,” then you need to retire.

If you’re not experiencing “the joy of the Lord, then perhaps you need to retire.

You need to quit trying to “save yourself.”  You need to quit relying on things which cannot save.  You need to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and trust Him for your salvation.  He lived the life you and I cannot live.  He died the death you and I dare not.  He said, “It is finished.”

The work has been done.  The price has been paid.  Redemption has been accomplished.

By works.

But not yours or mine.

The Lord Jesus Christ’s.


Comments? Feedback? Much appreciated. Thanks.

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