Where’s God on The List?

This post is a result of something I experienced in earlier days.  I was a fundamentalist and the emphasis at this particular place and time was: “Put God First.”  So people were encouraged to “make a list.”  [not to be confused with a “bucket list.”  My such list only has one item: don’t kick it! 🙂 ]

So, people would make their list.  Something like this:

1.  God
2.  Family
3.  Work
4.  Recreation
5.  Finances
6.  Etc., etc.

However, it seemed to me at the time that “putting God first” simply meant that you went to church on Sunday, not missing Sunday School, because that’s where the numbers were counted, and you put your tithe into the offering plate.  After that, you were more or less free and clear to do as you wished with the rest of the list because you “had put God first.”

Even then, and I claim no perfection in this, it seemed to me that there was a different way, a better way, to write that list.  Seemed to me it should be like this:

1.  God in the Church
2.  God in the Family
3.  God at Work
4.  God in our Recreation
5.  God in the Finances
6.  God in the etc., etc.

Other religions instruct their adherents that their beliefs are to permeate and affect every part of their lives.  A local hospital recently opened a special prayer room so one of its doctors could daily practice his religion.  Only in Christianity, it seems, are “the sacred” and “the secular” compartmentalized, so that what happens in church stays in church.

This is not as it should be.

So, I ask you – and myself –

Where’s God on the List?


9 thoughts on “Where’s God on The List?

  1. Thank you for this post! A great reminder for all of us. So many of us do compartmentalize our lives into things separate from God and we need to remember that none of those “compartments” exist without him, though many would dispute that. Thank God for the blessings he gives us every moment of our lives!

  2. wow i feel spiritually naked and ashamed ,my life has to change,thankyou i really ignored God in area of my life,i read the word but feel somethimg is missing and wrong in my life

    • Apart from the Lord Jesus, we’re all “spiritually naked and ashamed.” Only through faith in Him can we receive that covering of righteousness which covers that nakedness and cancels the shame. I recommend reading through the book of Romans more than once. Paul explains this whole thing a lot better than I can.

      God’s best to you, my friend.

  3. So true. I love this! I definitely struggle with unintentionally separating my life into the spiritual and secular. I think something that helps me is striving to see God glorified in everything. So, if He’s at the center of the big and little things, He has a place in every part of my life. Thanks for sharing!

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