Got Tuna (Pizza)?

Something different from what I normally post.  Just a little fun.  Enjoy.

“Tuna.  Pizza.  You’re kidding, right?”

Not at all.  When I was growing up in Denver CO, when they still had Bears’ Stadium and the Denver Bears was our AAA baseball team, Denver also had the Blue Star Inn.  On the menu, they had tuna pizza.  Mom and I would go there and enjoy this scrumptious item.  Since then, I’ve never found another place that sold it, and get some strange looks when I ask about it.  I do this more for fun than with any expectation of actually finding it.

Sunday is often pizza day for my wife and me.  Every so often, we will make a tuna pizza.  I think Papa John’s is missing a big seller 🙂  DiGiorno’s, eat your heart out 🙂  Try it, you might like it.  It’s very simple.  All you need is a regular cheese pizza and a can of tuna.  Vegetable oil-packed tuna works better.  Water-packed is, well, watery.  Drain the tuna in a colander and sprinkle it (the tuna) on the pizza.  We like to add a little extra cheese on top of the tuna.  Makes it extra healthy 🙂  Bake it per the instructions for the pizza and voila! you have a meal fit for a king.  Mmm-Mmm.

Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.  Bon appetit

5 thoughts on “Got Tuna (Pizza)?

  1. I love pizza and love tuna….I will definitely try it. My mother in law used to make red sauce with tuna for my husband’s younger brother. He really loved it but was the only one who ate it:-)

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