A Slavery In The Sphere Of The Mind

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Kernels of Wheat


Wise words from J. Gresham Machen in his Testimony before the House & Senate Committees on the Proposed Department of Education (1926):

“I think we can lay it down as a general rule…that money given for education, no matter what people say, always has a string tied to it.”

“it…represents a tendency which…seems to be opposed to the whole principle of liberty for which our country stands. It is the notion that education is an affair essentially of the State; that the children of the State must be educated for the benefit of the State; that idiosyncrasies should be avoided, and the State should devise that method of education which will best promote the welfare of the State.”

“To that idea our notion has been diametrically opposed…[ie.] that parents have a right to educate children as they please; that idiosyncrasies should not be avoided; that the State should prevent…

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