Time to Close

I’ve had this blog for around 7 years. I’ve enjoyed it. I love to write.

However, WordPress has decided to “update” their site. It’s their site; they can do whatever they want to it. The new site is great for people who want to put pictures in or move stuff around or do a lot of other things that I don’t do. I just write.

I had an almost completed post, but trying to keep up with the changes in the format caused me to lose the whole thing – several hundred words.

Now they seem completely to have switched over to the new format. I guess they figured a few weeks of both formats was enough.

You know the saying about old dogs and new tricks…..

So, I’ve decided it’s time to close up shop, so to speak. I will miss the folks who drop by; some have been with me almost since the beginning.

Just let me close with, Good night, goodbye and God’s best to each of you.

6 thoughts on “Time to Close

  1. *My dear friend, Clarence, I do not know if you will get this or not. Perhaps, if you do, you will please drop me a note so I will know. Your message makes me feel so sad deep in side. I feel as though I have lost a part of me. I will definitely miss your messages. You are a great writer- better than I will ever be, even though I have been writing devotionals since about 1996. God bless you is what ever you endeavor. You “old” friend, Don Brown *

    • I’m so sorry, Don, to have made you sad. Perhaps the next post will make you happier. I decided that I COULDN’T quit and will continue writing as the Lord enables me. Thanks, “older” friend!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your decision to close this blog. I can’t tell you how much your insight and love of God’s Word has spoken to me over the years. You’ve challenged me, encouraged me, blessed me so many times. Thank you. We haven’t met, but I look forward to meeting you some day at the feet of Jesus! May you be blessed, and continue to be a blessing to others.

    • Thank you, Connie, for your kind comments. My only goal in writing was that God might be honored and His people edified.
      I am finding that not writing for the blog has taken away a lot of what I looked forward to in life. As I said in the last post, I love to write. I have a son who is a master craftsman in his line of work and another that is skilled in woodworking. My wife is an excellent cook. I can’t really do any of that. Our daughters excel in their worlds. My world seems to involve nouns and verbs and participles.
      So, there might be a large serving of crow in my future – keep the salt handy – I don’t know for sure just yet, but thank you again for the kind words.
      “To the praise of the glory of His grace.”

    • Thank you, Michele, for your kind comments. Except for the headaches of dealing with people who don’t like the shape of the quote marks my computer makes – No, I’m not kidding – or that want to judge spiritual material by secular guidelines, to say nothing of monetary involvement, I might be tempted to do another book. As for the other, I am finding out that no blog has left a big hole in my life. So, I may have to eat crow – please pass the salt! – and come crawling back.
      I really don’t know yet. But thanks for the kindness and encouragement.

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