…Or Not…

On the 14th of this month, a whole two days ago, I published a post in which I indicated that it would be my last.  Two followers commented that they hoped I wouldn’t do it.  Some of my posts had been a blessing to them, which was part of what I hoped and prayed for as I wrote:  that God would be glorified and pleased to bless it to those who read it.

I wrote and told them, and now I’m telling you.  I’ve decided to eat a whole lot of crow, and I need some salt!  A lot of salt…. 

I hadn’t realized how much a part of my life that blog had become.  It’s been pretty much my sole source of ministry and spiritual support.  This doesn’t count my own Bible reading and prayer with my wife.  “Contemporary worship” doesn’t do it for me;  if you like that form of music and informal preaching, then so be it. For myself, I miss the old hymns and preaching that gets into the Word.  Some men paint, some men build things; God gave me a gift of nouns and verbs and pronouns.  Not to use it turned out to be not so good.  There was something missing.

So, I’m going to take up pen and paper, so to speak, and resume writing.  And trying to work with, and get used to, the new format of the program I use.  To the two who encouraged me, thank you, and I hope my thoughts, with God’s enabling, continue to bless you.

For others who might be visiting for the first time, or just dropping by, thank you and welcome.  I hope that you decide to join us as we journey together toward eternity. 

“To the praise of the glory of His grace,”


And just to add a note yet another couple days later…. Thank you, those of you who have commented and told me you would miss my writing. Some of you were deeply affected by that decision, and I am so sorry. I honestly had no idea of the effect the blog has. Lord willing, I will continue writing until the Lord comes, I go home, or it becomes illegal. I really have no idea which will come first.

Sola Dei Gloria.

6 thoughts on “…Or Not…

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wasn’t sure what I would do without your blog. I thought, maybe he could do a group email from time to time, or something like that. Praise God for the blessing that you have been & will continue to be to me and a host of others.

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