On the opening screen of my laptop every day, there are several “recommended sites,” covering a wide variety of topics and interests. There’s one there today entitled “Troubled Times for Alternatives to Einstein’s Theory of……” Or, this one, “Was I wrong to fall for a cheating cat?”  But they purr.  That’s why I like them.  This article goes with one down the page: “A Brief History of House Cats.” Or there’s this one, “You’re Never Going To Have a Legacy, So Give up Trying”.

I may or may not read this last one – if I do decide to read it later, it may already be gone.

However, judging by the picture and comment accompanying the teaser, I would disagree with it. I have no wish to rub salt into wounds, or anything like that, but the picture is of several gravestones, and the comment says, “Acknowledging the death of our lives and legacy can help us live better.” Both the picture and comment are from something called “qz.com”.

We’ve been occupied the last few days with ideas surrounding the picture and comment.  My thoughts and prayers are still with all those involved in those days.  I think about the idea conveyed by the picture quite often as well, having recently entered the ninth decade of my own life. If “qz.com” means by “legacy” that I’m never going to be rich or famous or powerful, as the world understands those things, they’re right. But I am rich, beyond their understanding, and I do have a legacy:  children.  Some of them have their own legacies like that, as well.  But if the article means that I’m going to die and leave them, my much-better-half wife, and everything else, it’s right. (And no, she’s not a “half-wife”. She’s given me a half a century of patience, love and home-cooking. [Sorry, too many “halfs”?] ) As for the riches, James 2:1-6 has something to say about the riches of this world, in contrast to those who are rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which God has promised to those who love Him.  qz.com knows nothing of those riches.  And then, there are the riches of the friendships that have come my way through means of this blog.  Maybe not like friends who can gossip over the backyard fence or borrow a cup of sugar, but friends, nevertheless. 

Comments? Feedback? Much appreciated. Thanks.

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