Where’s God??

God is seldom involved directly in what happens in this world.  He created it with physical, natural and moral laws, which are sometimes called “second causes.”  In other words, if a farmer wants a harvest, he must plant seeds – and do the other things necessary to the seeds to grow.  God has also made it so that actions have consequences.

Man isn’t a puppet or robot.  In spite of all the discussion about “free will vs. divine sovereignty,” there are very few who disagree with the idea that we make choices, all of the time.  These choices have consequences.  Since the 60s, there has been an increasing effort by liberals and unbelievers to distance this country from the political and religious principles upon which it was founded:  “There are no absolutes,” “What’s true for you may not be true for me,” “Get rid of all those old Puritan hangups.”

The result of all this is seen in the increasing violence and immorality in our country, aided and abetted by a liberal media which flocks to scenes of horror – the latest shootings, for example – like vultures to carrion.  And I’ve noticed an increase in profanity in the little network television that I watch.  Words are being used that were seldom heard anywhere in my youth.  Kids in elementary school use words that were seldom heard anywhere in my youth.  A lot of television is little more than softcore pornography.

The High School I went to had a rifle range in the basement (ROTC) with rifles and live ammo.  And, yes, they were locked up when we weren’t using them.  I qualified as a marksman on that range.  Guns were everywhere and easily and legally available.  The local department store likely sold them.  Further, the fellows almost all carried pocket knives.  This HS was the “tough” school in the city, yet there was NEVER any trouble with guns or knives.  Liberalism hadn’t yet succeeded in destroying the moral foundations of America.

For years, we’ve told God that He’s not welcome in our schools, our government, our society, or even in many churches, which have become interested in what they call “social justice,” rather than spiritual redemption.  For the most part, God has allowed us to go our foolish, sinful way – with the sad and horrifying results we see all around us.  Yet when these things happen, the first question often is, “Where is God?”

God gave us what we want; He has left us to our choices.



In Memorian

50 years ago, two men nicknamed “Jack” died just a few hours apart, though on different continents.  One was C. S. Lewis.  The other was President Kennedy.  I wonder which one had the more lasting influence, though Kennedy was a far better President than any from his party who have followed him into the White House since then.

Do you remember where you were 50 years ago this day?  I was walking down a hall in Berea Hall, which was a dorm at Baptist Bible College, when somebody came out and said that Kennedy had been shot.

Looking back, perhaps this was a major turning-point in modern American history – the turning away from what this country was – and what Kennedy embodied in his politics. Democrats today transported back into his era would consider him a right-wing extremist, a “tea-bagger.”

50 years ago, Obama would have had to ride in the back of the bus.  The civil rights movement was just beginning and Democrats fought it tooth-and-nail.  The Republicans were the ones who championed it, Martin Luther King among them.  Things were much different then – even with segregation.  White liberals got involved and messed things all up – and, no, I’m not in favor of segregation.  We’re all sinners in the eyes of God.  Our skin color has nothing to do with what kind of person we are.

– In memory of President John F. Kennedy, murdered 50 years ago today.