Where Are You Building?

I’m doing a lot of running around today, getting things done before vacation.  One of those things was to get a haircut.

Turned out that the gal who cuts my hair had just gotten back from her vacation.  She was telling me about it and showed me some pictures on her iphone.  She told me about this mansion she and her family had visited in NC and about their visit to the Titanic Museum.

This “house” – she showed me a picture of it as well – 250 rooms(!).  Wasn’t finished until after his death, but his wife knew how he wanted it and finished it.  A gorgeous place, with spectacular view of the mountains in the distance.

I couldn’t help wondering where those folks who built the house were now.  What did they “live” in now?  Was it worth it?

Ah, friends and visitors to the blog.  Beyond a certain point, it doesn’t matter what kind of a house you live in now.  Where are you “building” for eternity?

What is your hope for the future?  Are you looking to what you can do, or be?  There’s only ever been one who could, in and of Himself, “prepare” for death.  For what lies beyond it.

He told His disciples that He was going away to prepare a place for them, where He and they could live forever.

Are you one of those who will be with them?

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved,” Acts 16:31.